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Peabody HS wrestling 
Wed Dec 09 2009, 06:55AM
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Joined: Tue Feb 08 2005, 12:57PM
Posts: 589

Last night Peabody school committee approved varsity wrestling in Peabody. It will be a co-op program with Danvers HS.
With the lateness of this decision, they are without a schedule.

Since it is a new program I am attempting to help them with their scheduling.

If you have openings during the week for a dual, quads or tournaments on the weekend that you are trying to fill, could you please e-mail me at -email-.

I will get the information to Phil Sheridan the AD at Peabody.

I am also on the coaches mailing list, so if you send it through there I will get it as well.

Manny Costa
Wed Dec 09 2009, 08:37AM
Registered Member #273
Joined: Sun Apr 04 2004, 04:44PM
Posts: 96

We are open all week during Christmas break, maybe we could get a dual that week. Peabody would have to host though. Two first year programs, maybe this could start a friendly rivalry. Let me know so I could clear it with my A.D.

Heard anything about our sectional alignment?


Nick Erban
Everett Wrestling
Wed Dec 09 2009, 11:44AM
Registered Member #7279
Joined: Sun Feb 10 2008, 06:15PM
Posts: 280
Saugus and Winthrop both have young teams this year too and are in the area. You should contact their ADs.
Wed Dec 09 2009, 01:52PM
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Joined: Sun Dec 06 2009, 07:03PM
Posts: 103
Saugus and Winthrop are the same team - a co-op
Wed Dec 09 2009, 02:24PM
Registered Member #381
Joined: Wed May 12 2004, 05:00PM
Posts: 93
Outstanding news! New high school programs are the lifeblood of our sport and the sooner we get wrestling at all MA high schools the better. Congrats to all those who made this happen. Looking forward to seeing some Everett, Peabody, and Danvers wrestlers compete for championships this season and in the future.
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