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Mike Atlas
Mon Mar 03 2008, 05:28PM

Joined: Sun Feb 22 2004, 11:26AM
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A printable PDF of these results can be found here:


2000 & up 6 brackets Name Team
44 !st Place Dylan Barstow Agawam
2nd Place Steve Motta Springfield 5A
3rd Place Ryan Gauthier Tyngsboro
4th Place Micah McQuaide Tyngsboro
50 !st Place Josh Sughrue Tewksbury
2nd Place Steve MacIntosh Melrose
3rd Place Michael Ducharme Burlington
4th Place Isaac Anello Badger Wrestling Club
52 !st Place Ryan Garlitz Methuen
2nd Place Jack Darling Masco
3rd Place Kevin Keins Westford
4th Place Hunter Griffin Tyngsboro
55 !st Place Casey Broadhurst Methuen
2nd Place Aaron-Moses Williams Chicopee CYO
3rd Place Sam Little Melrose
4th Place Kevin Key Springfield 5A
59 !st Place Jack Thorpe Melrose
2nd Place Colin Vallis Masco
3rd Place Gamar Heath Springfield 5A
4th Place Lincoln Fay Nashoba
69 !st Place Travis Manick Methuen
2nd Place Harrison Shapiro Masco
3rd Place CJ Concotta North Andover
4th Place Ahmad Shariff Springfield 5A
1998 - 1999 11 brackets Name Team
53 !st Place Joey Sanchez Dracut
2nd Place James Paull Wilbraham
3rd Place Danny Shields Chelmsford
4th Place Brandon Moreau Ludlow
57 !st Place Ryan Wackrow Westford
2nd Place Christopher Derosa Tewksbury
3rd Place Kyle Penny Burlington
4th Place Mason St. Pierre Westfield
60 !st Place Kevin Morris Tyngsboro
2nd Place Ryan Monteiro Wilbraham
3rd Place Cody Sughrue Tewksbury
4th Place Robbie Ducharme Burlington
63 !st Place Jack Yvon Westfield
2nd Place Jared Merrifield Billerica
3rd Place Danny Motta Springfield 5A
4th Place Jacob Ayotte Dracut
66 !st Place Hunter Costa Danvers
2nd Place David Choate Dracut
3rd Place Joe Jones Westfield
4th Place Ed Stanton Burlington
70 !st Place Riley Jacobson Agawam
2nd Place Anthony Blatus Dracut
3rd Place Nick Ford Billerica
4th Place Larry Davis Billerica
73 !st Place Troy Carey Tewksbury
2nd Place William Tamboli Tewksbury
3rd Place Tanner Hastings Badger Wrestling
4th Place Jeremy Mancini Billerica
78 !st Place Will Testa North Andover
2nd Place Shane Coffey Billerica
3rd Place Jack Anderson Danvers
4th Place Alex Combs Chelmsford
88 !st Place Robert Atwood Tyngsboro
2nd Place David Goodall Chelmsford
3rd Place Ty Tumpney Tyngsboro
4th Place Christian Hoar Billerica
95 !st Place Nick Klinoff Nik's Olympic
2nd Place Darius Franklin Methuen
3rd Place Sean Ford Barnstable
4th Place Corey Halas Dedham
123 !st Place Ryan Richardson Tyngsboro
2nd Place Benton Whitley Springfield 5A
3rd Place Ryan Pinkham Springfield 5A
4th Place Nicholas Capagna Burlington
1996 - 1997 15 brackets Name Team
60 !st Place Stephen Thibault Agawam
2nd Place Bradley Gilbert Billerica
3rd Place Dan Accorsi Wilbraham
4th Place N/A
65 !st Place Brendan Weir Springfield CYO
2nd Place Nick Glover Nick's Olympic
3rd Place Pete Robinson Hudson
4th Place Matt Weisman Easton
70 !st Place Charles Tucker Westford
2nd Place Brennen Liebel Agawam
3rd Place Wes Bowleg Wilbraham
4th Place Bryce Spinosa Billerica
75 !st Place Nicholas Derosa Tewksbury
2nd Place Jonathan Ryan Tyngsboro
3rd Place Chris Adams Chelmsford
4th Place Charlie McWilliams Barnstable
80 !st Place Ryan Dion Badger Wrestling Club
2nd Place Nathan Smith Springfield 5A
3rd Place Keaton Solo Westford
4th Place Josh Merrifield Billerica
85 !st Place Mark Gutierez Natick
2nd Place Nick Cincotta North Andover
3rd Place Colby McWilliams Barnstable
4th Place Orlando Rojas Haverhill
90 !st Place Jared Costa Danvers
2nd Place Fritz Hoen North Andover
3rd Place Austin Gaiss North Andover
4th Place Calvin Cohan Chelmsford
95 !st Place Stephen Cincotta North Andover
2nd Place Kyle McQuaide Chelmsford
3rd Place Anthony Basile Agawam
4th Place Matt D'Attilio Kryptonite Wrestling
100 !st Place Trent Bellows Agawam
2nd Place Alex Martin Danvers
3rd Place James Karl Agawam
4th Place Ian Butterbrodt North Andover
105 !st Place Andrew Konovalchik North Andover
2nd Place Matt Penny Burlington
3rd Place Trevor Wassel Canton
4th Place Ryan Cove Chelmsford
112 !st Place Connor Humphries East Longmeadow
2nd Place Thomas Ayotte Dracut
3rd Place Patrick Thompson Barnstable
4th Place Coleman Hebert Danvers
120 !st Place Dan Kummer Kryptonite Wrestling
2nd Place Nick Blais Agawam
3rd Place Victor Liquori Agawam
4th Place Dominic Marconi Westfield
130 !st Place Brian Cormier Ludlow
2nd Place Connor Sheehan Agawam
3rd Place Nick Shea East Longmeadow
4th Place Noah Johnson Barnstable
140 !st Place Josh Campbell Billerica
2nd Place Owen Murray Barnstable
3rd Place Matt Carey Danvers
4th Place Andre Girale West Springfield
165 !st Place Dillon Higgins Tewksbury
2nd Place Richard Stamos Nashoba
3rd Place Roberto Morales Westfield
4th Place Tabitha Levesque Fitchburg
1993, 1994, 1995 17 brackets Name Team
70 !st Place Ryan Wiitala Dracut
2nd Place Jaycob Diaz
3rd Place Cam Kelly Kryptonite Wrestling
4th Place Brady Gannon Kryptonite Wrestling
77 !st Place Tyler Ponte Doughboy Wrestling
2nd Place Ben Defronzo Sudbury
3rd Place Danielle Coughlin North Andover
4th Place Johnny Do Framingham Metro West
84 !st Place Christian Monseratt Methuen
2nd Place Derek Lawton Tyngsboro
3rd Place Scott Camacho Tyngsboro
4th Place Christian Vallis Masco
91 !st Place Brad Drover North Andover
2nd Place Zach Thomas Natick
3rd Place Sean Giorgi Quabbin
4th Place Taylor Cohan Chelmsford
98 !st Place Sami Baghdady Belmont
2nd Place Ryan Niven Tyngsboro
3rd Place Jason Rickets North Andover
4th Place Zach Bloom Sudbury
105 !st Place Tyler DeWolfe Hopkinton
2nd Place Andy Mercier Granby
3rd Place Paris Williams Haverhill
4th Place Tim Parker Hudson
112 !st Place Jeff Ott Chelmsford
2nd Place Patrick O'Connell Hudson
3rd Place CJ Doherty Methuen
4th Place Will Henson Barnstable
120 !st Place Torin Zonfrelli Doughboy Wrestling
2nd Place Niko Gasparrini Ludlow
3rd Place Shaun Wackrow Tewksbury
4th Place Cody Halliday Tewksbury
128 !st Place Danny Connelly North Andover
2nd Place Chris London Tewksbury
3rd Place Rey Brito Andover
4th Place Robert Drover North Andover
136 !st Place Jacob Straight Northeast Elite
2nd Place Danick Duffus Springfield 5A
3rd Place Shane Manning Tyngsboro
4th Place Brody Martin Waltham
144 !st Place Stephen Piascik Chicopee CYO
2nd Place James Ellis Westford
3rd Place Drew Clark Melrose
4th Place Kevin Richard Billerica
152 !st Place Iliac Dadaya Agawam
2nd Place Pete Kummer Krypotonite Wrestling
3rd Place Kenny Line West Springfield
4th Place Ryan Thompson Westford
160 !st Place Lucas Junkin Barnstable
2nd Place Bradey Drewek Tewksbury
3rd Place Kevin Ostrom Barnstable
4th Place Makayla Skubel Badger Wrestling
175 !st Place John Pollard North Andover
2nd Place Nick Rojas South Hadley
3rd Place Nate Tashjy Westford
4th Place Nick Marcotte Andover
190 !st Place Bob Deveau Krypotonite Wrestling
2nd Place Ian Fox Billerica
3rd Place Ben Alegria Krypotonite Wrestling
4th Place Joe Bruni Dracut
210 !st Place Chris Mendonca North Andover
2nd Place Stefan Tavares Barnstable
3rd Place Connor Gatto Uxbridge
4th Place Michael Girard Masco
250 !st Place Corey Jacques Haverhill
2nd Place N/A
3rd Place N/A
4th Place N/A
50 brackets
total tournament
February 23 - 24, 2008

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